The Gospel According to Scrooge

The Gospel According to Scrooge, written by James P. Schumacher, is a musical drama based on ” A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.  Schumacher, in adding the Christian theme, has retained Dickens’ story line and the presentation is easily recognizable as an adaptation of the original work.

We at Bethel are committed to sharing the Christian message and find The Gospel According to Scrooge is an excellent way of doing so.  While the play has its serious moments, it is generally light-hearted and humorous.  As Bob Cratchit says, “Uncle Ebenezer really is a comical old fellow.”

The Gospel According to Scrooge has been a Christmas tradition at Bethel Church since 1983, and this is our fifteenth presentation.  This year we have a cast of 70 members.  In addition to our cast we estimate another 60 people are involved behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly.

Our cast and crew member live in Beaver, Boone, Jefferson, Madrid, Ogden, Perry, West Des Moines and Woodward.  We are excited to welcome over 10 new individuals to our Scrooge family this year.  We range in age from six to “eightyish” but all are very young in spirit.